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Broadbeam x Twitch

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Broadbeam delivers efficient reach. Most of the time, efficiency comes from places where the attention is greater than the rates. For this reason, we love Twitch. Live streaming video games and live event media, this Amazon-owned platform has 45MM unique users and 15MM users per day. 

Reaching a younger male audience at an efficient CPM is always a challenge, getting them to convert can be harder. Broadbeam enlisted the help of Advocate DSP, a thought leader in gaming that has a robust network of Streamer Partners to help design campaigns for performance marketers wary of entering streaming and esports media.

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When convincing performance marketers to turn on a channel they haven’t used before, we have to be ready to prove its value quickly. Working with Advocate, Broadbeam designed a risk-free Cost Per Action campaign. Our clients didn’t have to take our word for it with an investment, they could only pay on acceptable leads delivered.

Many marketers think “Twitch doesn’t sound like it’s for us—it’s something for RedBull to sponsor.” Esports and streaming are not the same thing—the skill level gap between popular streamers and professional players is huge; personality and ability to connect with fans drive followers and build ‘communities’, make streamers an incredible, if undervalued, marketing assets.

If Broadbeam is good at one thing, it’s sniffing out undervalued media. To ensure we had enough robust & resonant media to drive gamers to convert, the teams developed a network of compelling streamers and creative to drive interest, traffic and leads across different media units.

The campaign ran hundreds of:

Applying a performance lens, messaging in chatbots were rapid A/B tested. Investment and direction was optimized to the best performing messaging and unit type.

Leveling-Up Leads

We analyzed performance weekly:  optimizing to the best performing media units while collecting ample data to assess validity of a large scale roll out

The campaign delivered:


MVM (Million Viewable Minutes)





What would this look like on a CPM basis for M18-34?  Just under $.40 CPM.