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Broadbeam’s Tess Erickson on the InFOCUS Podcast

Broadbeam’s Tess Erickson on the InFOCUS Podcast

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by RBR-TVBR -April 22, 20210

As people’s habits continue to evolve, with the pandemic accelerating those changes, Broadbeam Media conducted research that reevaluates, in a way, assumptions about the lifestyles and media habits of U.S. consumers.

Among the key finds is that linear TV – a.k.a. broadcast and cable channels – remains the most-often watched media. But, social video is close behind, and just behind that is YouTube and Facebook Watch. What does this mean for the broadcast TV station owner?

Broadbeam Director of Strategy and Research Tess Erickson offers up the answer, and more, in this RBR+TVBR InFOCUS Podcast, presented by



You can find the original article and podcast at

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