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Optics by Broadbeam™

Broadbeam TV buyers have unmatched visibility into target audience impression efficiency and placement optimization. Our proprietary tool, Broadbeam Optics™, uses AI to quickly identify opportunities to optimize spending, based on yesterday’s delivery.
Broadbeam Optics™ combines our proprietary performance data, along with the most granular level of data available from Nielsen and syndicated consumer research to optimize linear TV in a digital way.

Alex Sapoznikov (EVP, Analytics and Data Strategy) at the 2021 ANA Media Conference, demonstrating some of the ways Optics by Broadbeam™ offers marketers unprecedented performance visibility and optimization guidance.

Our proprietary tools help us plan, buy & optimize better

Broadbeam proprietary tools enable our teams to quickly evaluate opportunities, plan impressions, and optimize returns

Insight looks at what programming your high value current customer is watching in linear and OTT.

12M HHs with a direct link between TV + OTT and sales

Machine guided linear TV buying optimization

TV focused full ROI modeling, faster & easer than MMM

Connecting video touches to engagement and sales