Performance Programmatic

We have to know all the places we can find impressions to help get the best value on each impression: linear, digital and the gray area in-between.

For a well-known University, we use all forms of Advanced TV and digital video, but don’t pay more than we need to for each impression.

We use FEP premium video inventory on programmatic to find and refine our audience. Using DSPs like the Trade Desk, Amobee and Amazon, we then compare inventory served, devices, time of day to replicate those impressions for less elsewhere. We find it across linear, OTT, and MVPD digital products.


While we might find a pocket of our military audience in linear late fringe, we get in front of women considering grad school at 9:00 p.m. on their Roku. The result? Continuous growth AND improved efficiency.

Where we find more than our fair share of our audience in Digital Network FEP

Inventory Analysis on Programmatic
step1 linearTV


We replicate in linear for a lower effective CPM per target reached

step2 data laptop optionb


Where we see devices, dayparts and content converting

step3 roku remote


We negotiate direct buys