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Scantastic QR Codes

QR codes are becoming more prevalent, and most video viewers understand the behavior. QR codes creative is showing up across advertisers (especially online gaming and sports). Creative needs to be adjusted to the QR code. Highlight the QR code, describe the action you want the viewer to take, have compelling creative, and follow best practices.

Making a Scantastic QR code campaign

What did we do?: For our regional online gaming client Mohegan Sun, we used QR codes to stand out in a cluttered marketplace with a compelling message. Deploying QR codes on video spots to drive immediate action and better understand Video’s role in lifting client KPIs (scans and registrations).

Using CTV partners like CBSi, Tubi, Gamut & Viacom, we put 3 different offers into market to our best targets in a specific geo area.

The results?
  • Average scan rate was above CTV benchmark, with acquisition as efficient as social channels
  • Cost per registration and registration rate met client expectations on delivery saw an overall 66% increase in Registrations
What makes a QR code campaign successful?
  • Compelling offer- what will make the consumer get their phone out and scan. Needs to spur action. Can’t be “scan to learn more” or “scan to order” without a sweetener
  • :30s is the minimum unit length for video
  • QR code needs to be prominent
    • Client showed the behavior (opening the camera and holding it up to the QR code)
  • Size of Code on the TV screen  should be 400px or larger for 1080p