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Research: Video

In Q2, 2021, Broadbeam conducted a proprietary survey to better understand pandemic-related shifts in media behaviors. We used this data to inform a hierarchical cluster analysis of the variables regarding video platform and genre viewership to distinguish a set of lifestyle clusters.

Four mutually exclusive clusters emerged:

Group Four, Old Habits Harry, had the least amount of change in their lives, and remained loyal to linear TV and news, in particular, keeping in line with the older skew of the group. By contrast, Group 3, Concerned Cori, focused on social video and consumes the least amount of linear TV.

Streaming services, both subscription and ad-supported, were important to both Group Two, Moderate Monica, and Group One, Family Man Dan, they were also mostly employed and able to work from home during the pandemic. Their media consumption habits changed in that they spent more time-consuming audio and video during the workday.

These clusters had a different reaction to both anxiety and hope in the pandemic, with Group 2, Moderate Monica’s being the most anxious, but feeling much more hopeful going into 2021. While Group 3 Concerned Cori’s have seen only slight changes in anxiety since Spring 2020.