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Join Us at the ANA

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Join Broadbeam’s Corinne Casagrande and Tess Erickson at the 2020 ANA Media and Measurement Conference, Thursday, 9/24 at 1:05PM, for:

“LUNCH WITH” THOUGHT LEADER SESSION (Sponsored by Active International)


As political advertising peaks in the weeks leading into the election, marketers will be challenged by its impact on the pricing and availability of local paid media. This year, marketers have already been tested in new ways by adjusting communications in response to the pandemic. Corinne Casagrande (Senior Vice President, Strategy) and Tess Erickson (Senior Research Analyst) will show how they analyze data to detect when a market is about to be flooded with political ad spending, and share how understanding consumer mobility during the pandemic has helped them attribute media more effectively. They’ll also discuss tactics for building the local reach you need; transacting with stations, digital video, OTT and fractional overlays.

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