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Forge: Digital Futures

Corinne Casagrande, SVP Strategy, recently presented at Procurement Foundry’s Forge: Digital Futures, a  comprehensive webinar designed to help procurement managers uncover and put into play, cutting-edge tools and technologies. In her session, “Take out the guesswork:

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Broadbeam’s Tess Erickson on the InFOCUS Podcast

by RBR-TVBR -April 22, 20210 As people’s habits continue to evolve, with the pandemic accelerating those changes, Broadbeam Media conducted research that reevaluates, in a way, assumptions about the lifestyles and media habits of U.S. consumers. Among the

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Linear TV Means Antiquated Media Planning

by James Flynn, Sr Research Analyst – Broadbeam Media When TV planning originally began, age and gender was all that was used to target consumers. This worked for some advertisers because demographics were more homogeneous, product

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