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Broadbeam’s Tess Erickson on the InFOCUS Podcast

by RBR-TVBR -April 22, 20210 As people’s habits continue to evolve, with the pandemic accelerating those changes, Broadbeam Media conducted research that reevaluates, in a way, assumptions about the lifestyles and media habits of U.S. consumers. Among the

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Linear TV Means Antiquated Media Planning

by James Flynn, Sr Research Analyst – Broadbeam Media When TV planning originally began, age and gender was all that was used to target consumers. This worked for some advertisers because demographics were more homogeneous, product

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Planning Through The Pandemic, Political and the Improbable

Strategists Corinne Casagrande and Tess Erickson from Broadbeam Media, the performance and analytics arm of Active international, will show how they analyze data to detect when a market is about to be flooded with political ad spending, and share how understanding consumer mobility during the pandemic has helped them attribute media more effectively. They’ll also discuss tactics for building the local reach you need; transacting with stations, digital video, OTT and fractional overlays.

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