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Making Better Sense of Lower-Funnel Metrics With Media-Planning Forecasts

by Raghu Siddani, VP Data Strategy and Analytics, Broadbeam Media When you invest time and effort to measure the impact of media buys, the real value of this attribution is knowing what to do next. For thoughtful performance advertisers, forecasting key performance indicators is an integral part of the planning process. Traditional direct marketers look for a balance between immediate performance and building their brand and tracking lower funnel

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For American Standard, “Mathvertising” Drives Cost-per-Lead Down 50% During COVID-19

Seven years ago, American Standard had a problem. How could the kitchen and bath manufacturer continue to grow when the retailers and wholesalers who sold American Standard products were creating their own product lines? One way, says Eric Kozak, senior director of marketing at American Standard, was to sink $20 million into innovation and just hope the best products won. Another was to actually connect with their consumers.

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