Digiday Media Buying Briefing: Broadbeam Political TV Research Highlighted

By Michael Bürgi and Antoinette Siu for Digiday

Many forecasts project record political spending for midterm elections that are outpacing 2020. Broadbeam Media took a look at how much television spending has grown in recent years, especially as PAC spending continues rising in local markets.

  • News still dominates political TV spending, making up nearly 60% of all political spot TV spending in 2020. Sports, while a smaller contributor, accounts for about 10% of this spending.
  • As a result of redistricting, Broadbeam predicts the political share of spot TV in a market will rise by 5% this season.
  • PAC spending in local markets has grown more than 30% a year, outpacing that of political campaign spending. In non-presidential election years, the firm estimates PAC spending makes up 25% of political local TV ad spending. In markets with fewer competitive races, PAC spending can make up all of the local TV dollars.


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